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LifeStyle Session

Ok, this is a tough one to define, there are a lot different definitions of LifeStyle Photography running around the Internet and I started by Googling for it and could not find a definition that I really liked and explained it to the way I approach the session. So I had to attempt to write it myself.

LifeStyle Photography is a more informal session usually done outside of the Studio without all the distractions of huge light boxes and props surrounding you and even intimidating some people or our non-people friends. You all know how it goes, you might get your hair or makeup done and or a fresh haircut and shave for the men you might even purchase a new outfit for your “Session” and are probably at a rush at the last minute to make the appointment on time. Although having a formal Digital or Print Portrait Session in the Studio might be exactly what you want some just need a less intrusive and relaxed approach to get the best expressions.

A LifeStyle Session is photographed in your own home or a local location or locations that have meaning to who you really are as a person. The Session is more about capturing you in an environment to lets you relax and bring out the real you. The Session is particularly good for capturing your children or even pets but is not limited to that. It is also great for recording an elderly parent or expressing a more joyous occasions such as a Family Reunion or Birthday Party.

We try to concentrate more on the subject and less on the equipment used. Although we still use our Pro Grade cameras and lens we tend to use primarily available light and our skills as a artistic photographer to create images and memories that you cannot capture.

Our LifeStyle Session runs 2 hours and can involve multiple locations and covers up to 20 minutes travel time to your location. Your final product is ALL of the photographs that we deem acceptable to our standard at FULL resolution of the camera on a CD/DVD or a Flash Drive provided by you. The number of photographs on the Disk really depends on the pace of the session but expect to receive 60 to 100 photos color and exposure corrected files per hour. This is just an estimate and there is no guarantee as to the final number can be less if there are multiple locations and travel between them. A Password Protected Gallery will be placed on-line for 30 days we can enable printing from the Gallery for friends and family who might want to order prints, there will be a nominal charge for the printing. Of course you can upload the photos yourself from your CD to SnapFish, Shutter fly, FaceBook, MySpace or even a personal Blog. You are given full Personal Usage rights to post on-line and prints for personal usage. You can even make copies of the CD/DVD and give them to your friends and Family.

Description Price
2 Hour Session $350.00
Travel Time Over 30 Minute $50.00/Hr
Additional Hour $150.00
Additional Copy of CD $25.00
Additional Photoshop Editing $90.00/Hr
Converting to B&W/Sepia Toned $90.00/Hr

A few samples from an extended session with additional Photoshop Processing to convert to Black & White, sepia toning and the corners vignetted. We did shoot it in color but really like the look converted to Black&White.

Collage of 7 Life Style Photos