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A Headshot is not photographed any differently than our standard portraits, we give the same care to obtaining a natural look and use studio or natural lighting to bring out the best you. A HeadShot was traditional used to mean a 8x10 photograph, typically B&W, that was given to casting directors by Actors with their contact information on the back. A "HeadShot" is now more of a generic term used to cover many different uses for a self promoting photograph of the user.

The traditional Actor HeadShot was usually supplied in the form of hundreds of 8x10 Photographic prints to be given to casting directors. Although the printed 8x10 photograph is still around now it is more likely to be printed on a Digital Press often a composite of images or a ZED card with personal data printed. With the wide acceptance of the internet and computers in most households the HeadShot is now commonly used on Corporate and Personal Websites and Blogs as well as Social Media web sites such as FaceBook, LinkIn and even Dating sites.

The HeadShot is now in the form of a Full Resolution Digital File with Use Rights for Personal and Business Self Promotion. You will select from a number of different espressions and poses and we will fully edit and provide you a Full Resolution Digital file in JPG for use in printing and a lower resolution JPG file that has been sharpened for use on the internet. You will be given a CD of your image or we will e-mail them to you.

While You Wait HeadShots

While You Wait 1 Person HeadShot Session Price
Up to 30 Minute Studio (1 Retouched File) $150.00
Up to 30 Minute Studio (2 Retouched Files) $225.00
Please Allow up to 1 and 1/2 Hours for While You Wait Sessions

Need it in a Hurry? Call us are use the Contact Form to check our availability. We may be able to get you scheduled and if your time permits we can select your pose immediately after the session and edit one or two images while you wait and then take Digital File with you or we will e-mail it to you. Please allow from an hour to an hour and a half for the session and digital file editing.

Group HeadShots

Next Day 2-4 Persons HeadShot Session Price
5-10 Minute Studio Time (1 Retouched File) $125.00 Each
5-10 Minute Studio Time (2 Retouched Files) $200.00 Each
Please Allow 30 to 40 Minutes Studio Time-Files Available 24 Hours

Do you have a group of people that need HeadShots, perhaps a Real Estate Office or Office Professional whose time is valuable. Allow us to set up a series of sessions during the day or over several days to accommodate their schedule. Such sessions usually have only one or two poses to maintain a consistent look and can be performed in a short 5 to 10 Minutes each of their time. Usually a Art Director or personal from Human Resources will make the final selection and final editing will be done. A small group of 2 to 4 people can be done as soon as the next day if the selection of poses is done on the same day immediately after the session. Larger groups over a longer period time can take several days to a week depending on the number of people.