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Canvas Clusters

Canvas Clusters are an economical way to use Canvas prints as art to decorate your homes walls. These pre-designed clusters are already discounted from the Photo Lab which enables us to pass on the lower cost to you. We can only get the following arrangements at the reduced rate and no alterations are possible. Sorry, if you want a different size selection you can still order custom sizes from are Gallery Wrap products but at a higher rate.

The Canvas Clusters are stretched on a 1-1/2” frame and the surface is protected with a UV spray, please note that the Canvas Clusters do not include the Semi-Matt or Glossy Laminate included with our Gallery Wrap. The image is not wrapped around the edges but instead you may select a white or black border or any other color to be used on all of the photos in the entire order, different colors cannot be mixed within the cluster.

Of course, no one says you have to keep all the photos in the cluster, you can always break them up and use them in different rooms or give away as gifts.

Prices start at $650.00 For Cluster 5

Clusters can not be combined with other discounts

Canvas Wall Cluster-1 9-6x6 inch images over all size 20x20 inches Cluster-1
9-6”x6” Photos
Over All Size 20” by 20”

Canvas Wall Cluster-2 9-10x10 inch images over all size 32x32 inches Cluster-2
9-10”x10” Photos
Over All Size 32”x32”

Canvas Wall Cluster-3 7-photos 2 different sizes over all size 44x26 inches Cluster-3
1-28”x28” Photo
6-8”x8” Photos
Over All Size 44”x26”

Canvas Wall Cluster-4 4-photos 2 different sizes overall size 34x32 Cluster-4
3-13”x10” Photo
1-20”x32” Photos
Over All Size 34”x32”

Canvas Wall Cluster-5 4-photos 3 different sizes over all size 34x24 inches Cluster-5
Over All Size 34”x24”

Canvas Wall Cluster-6 5-photos 2 differnt sizes over all size 45x24 inches Cluster-6
Over All Size 45”x24”

Canvas Wall Cluster-7 6-photos 3 different sizes overall size 66x40 inches Cluster-7
Over All Size 66”x40”

Canvas Wall Cluster-8 5-photos 5 different sizes over all size 58x37 inches Cluster-8
Over All Size 58”x37”

Canvas Wall Cluster-9 7-photos 4 different sizes over all size 30x30 inches Cluster-9
Over All Size 30”x30”

Canvas Wall Cluster-10 9-photos 3 different sizes 20x20 Inches Over All Size 42x42 inches Cluster-10
Over All Size 42”x42”